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Application Procedures


   Whenever a grant application has been solicited or invited, the following application procedure shall apply:

1. Cover Letter – signed by the organization’s executive director or highest level board member must include the purpose of the request, the dollar amount being sought and the time frame in which the funds would be utilized.


2. Narrative – include the Mission Statement and Brief History of the requesting organization emphasizing recent activity, a description of the project or purpose include the population to be served, the results being sought, the planned means to achieve results, including all resources and a timeline. 


3. Budget and Funding Plan – include all expenses, in-kind support and revenue sources.


4. Tax Exemption Letter – include the most recent Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Letter or equivalent.



5. Board of Directors/Trustees List – include a current list of the Board of Directors/ Trustees with their affiliations.

6. Bios or Resumes – include bios or resumes of key administrative staff personnel.

7. Operating Budget, Current Financial Statement and Balance Sheet – include the organization’s operating budget, a current financial statement and balance sheet.  If an audit, review or compilation is available, please include also.

8. Marketing Material – include any marketing material, media coverage/reviews or other related articles or documentation and/or support letters.

Thank you for working with us to further the mission

of this Foundation.


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